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JELLOTE'S NOTE: Kphoria, you are a horrible person for writing this.

Oh god, guys. I can't believe that I wrote this. Sorry, I needed to get back at Jellote, and it was on a deadline for Friday. I had just drank some Nyquil before writing this and made it on the dvA text editor, so there was no spellcheck. ~ Kphoria

unnamed my little pony fanfic
by keith "kphoria" howard
author's note: i dint care if you like the stori or not i am writting this for my own pleasure. if you are offended by unbirth than do not read this story. oh yeah and if you dunt like vore then get out of here you trolls. that goes double for you jellote
author's note: jellote is a troll some someting awfle who had convicted everyone im a pedifile but im not okay. he also steals my storys and makes them my little pony themed WELL I TRICKED YOU THIS TIME I MADE MY OWN MY LITTLE PONY STORY SO ha ha.

My naqme is Appleblume and I live in Ponyville which is town in Equestiria. My older sister Apple Jack and Bic Mac (which is short for Big Machintoss) and I live on Sweat Apple Acers at the far side of town. i have a yellow coat and red hair. i am not related to that idiot brayburn who hates buffalo becase hes a racist.
I am the leader of the Cutty mark Crusables. in the club is appleblume, Sweaty Bell and and Scutealoo. We dont have our Cutey Marks yet because we are the best so we take our time to find our special tlent.
I have one small confessional though, i am into unbirth. in case you dont know that means i like to have people put up my youknowwhere and be prenant with them you might think im gross BUT IM NOT. If you don't like it you either havent seen it or you are a troll who wont admit to liking it so shut up.


my name is applejack and i am fifteen years old. i live on seet apple acers with my sisters but i usually just hang out with my girlfriend rainbowdash. author's note: IF U DO NOT LIKE THE IDEA OF GIRL/GIRL THAN YOUR A HOMOPHONE AND GET DA FLAM OUT

so after i gots done frenching rainbowdash (i felt her tounge on mine and it gave me a wingy) i went back to the farm house to check up on the cutty mark crusaders which my sister is part of.

"hi bishie" i sead to her. "hi looser" she said back. i gave her my middle finger with my hoof which was easy since i only have one finger anyway.

i went back to my room and drank some mouthwash then i felt drunk so i'm going to take a nap


"hay guys" i said to scutealoo, my the sister of my sister's girlfreind, "do you know what unbirth is" and she said no so i said "its when someon gives birth backwards so instead of the filly coming out she goes in".

"wow" sweaty bell said, "that sounds so sexr" "yeah i said" doesnt it?

so then i showed them how it worked by using scotaloo as a test subject. she didnt struggle because she was my friend and I let her out of my you-know before she unaged more than a week.

"wow, i felt so cool. it was like i was getting younger" she said and i nodded. "ya, because you were. When you are unbirthed it makes you grow backwards." I know that i would proabably get in trouble for cheating on my sisters girlfriend sister but i didnt care because we were friends and if two siblings want to marry two other siblings then that is okay   OKAY GET IT?

and then i got idea. "hey what if we tried this with an oldered pony" and then they said ya. so we went into town to find a person who would voluntere but no one would so we went home. "aw man," i said, "now what are we gong to do?"

and then i had an idea. "hay wait a minute, what if we did it to applejack?" and they agreed. so we went. up to her room where she was sleeping.

so i took her and picked her up and grabbed her and then she woke up. "wut?" applejack said but it was too late. i opened my bottom lips wide and began stuffing her up the birthhole and in she went. it was like vore except not so shut up jellote and stop flaming.

"wow" said sweetie belle "how did you do that?" and i said "big macintosh told me how to do it. he was all alone one night in appleloosa when he met a cute mare and they did it for the first time but he went too deep and ended up all the way in her womb and he was younger after."

"applebloom" my sitter yelled, "what do you think yall doing" and i said "im unbirthing you" and she asked why. "because we need to know if it is our special talent" and she was like "no" but i ignored her and went to sleep.

the next morning when I woke up my pregnant belly was smaller and sweetybelle was still there but scootaloo was gone. "what do we do know?" and i began thinking. i looked to shelf and thinked. "hey i know, we can use that mouthwash to makes things more fun"

so sweetie belle took the bottle and put it between my legs and poured. I could feel applejack wiggle around like a tiny filly. At this point she was the same size as me, probably only five years old, but i wanted more.

so after the bottle was empty i began shaking aroudn my flab and poked AJ and asked her how she was doing. "im fine, sister, and thank you for this. i feel so fresh."

so i agreed to let her stay in there for a bit longer but i felt edgy. i probably couldnt fit sweetie belle in there at the same time so i couldnt get my PLEASURE (are you gonna make fu nof the cotton cow?) and I began tickling my beav because it felt ticklish. it began to whistle I was so excited.

it was two hours later that sweetie belle went home and i decided to let applejack out.  i sepereated my lips as far as they could go but it wasnt enough so she kind of bled out. she was coated in mouthwash wish made her all slimy, kind of like a lubricant. so i shook my legs around until she fell out.

she was just a little filly without her cutty mark and more. she was coated in blue liquid form the mouthwash but after a minute i realized that this was now her fur color. then i looked to my flank and saw it: i had my cutty mark! it was pair of flesh lips! oh my celestia this is the best day ever.

"are you my mommy" said applejack, looking at me.

"yes," I said, lookign at her, "and we are going to go find your older brother." and then I decided that Applejack is going to need an older sister, and big mac isnt going to like this if hes old enough to remember.

Ten pounds of fetus and mou... by PoniesRuleVoreDrools

/ / / / ©2011-2016 PoniesRuleVoreDrools
Another terrible fanfic by Kphoria. Meh.

Oh, and allegedly, this fic is titled Ten Pounds of Fetus and Mouthwash, according to the file emailed to me, but nowhere in the story is it called that.

Oh, and Sinsario, thanks for the image. It is profoundly disturbing and will no doubt set the tone for the rest of the story.
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